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                  ENERGY EFFICIENCY ...
 Cost effective
 Cornerstone is cost competitive with standard building systems. If you then add on the savings from lowered heating and cooling cost you have more money in your pocket at the end of the day.
 Strong walls
 BRANZ testing revealed exceptionally high bracing units against earthquake and wind. The polystyrene part of the equation has revealed its strength and the concrete post and beam construction bonds the system together. The way in which the steel is tied to the foundation steel and stapled over the top plate acts as a cyclone tie.
 High insulation
 The insulation of the Cornerstone building system has an exceedingly high R-Value of 4.3 for a 200mm thick wall and the R-Value of 5.75 for a 250mm thick wall. This allows the building owner to maintain the comfort level they require a lot longer.
 Rapid construction
 The large panels, 1.2metres (or whatever stud height is required), fit together creating a large area of wall quickly and simply.
 Eco friendly
 Polystyrene is CFC and HCFC free in all stages of manufacture. "Objective scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits to the environment of using Polystyrene compared to other materials".
 Fire safety
 BRANZ testing revealed that the Cornerstone building system functions very well in fire conditions. Structurally the system did not fail, and the insulation factor of the polystyrene delayed the heat transfer through the wall. The gasses emitted from burning polystyrene are less harmful than those given off burning white pine. A fire retardant is used in the manufacture of expanded polystyrene.
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