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    Technical Info
    Welcome to a scientifically innovative material that since it's introduction in Germany in 1952, it has captured an ever growing range of accepted applications throughout the world.

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     Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a truely proven versatile, inert material which exhibits the following unbeatable qualities:
  • a highly efficient thermal insulation value
  • excellent shock absorption
  • a very high flexual strength to weight ratio
  • an economically viable material
  • compatible with the environment
  • a proven dimentional stability
  • moisture resistant
  • compatible with a very wide range of other products
  • no nutritional value to support fungal, bacteriological or animal growth
  • user friendly, non toxic and non irritant
  •   Expanded Polystyrene has been and proven throughout the world. It is constantly being developed into reliable and predictable products of high consistency and perfomance. Manufactured throught worldwide, EPS is cost effective and readily available for many and varied uses.It provides regulatory authorities the confidence and comfort in understanding and accepting its excellent properties.
     CORNERSTONE HOME   NZ Patent No. 297909
    1. Reinforced Concrete post and beam
    2. Cornerstone polystyrene panel
    3. The doors and windows have H3.1 treated timber surround, which is set into the concrete columns on either side of the window
    4. Reinforced concrete lintels are formed insitu and integrated with continuous bond beam
    5. Timber top plate, with steel coming up from the foundation, and stapled over the top, forming a cyclone tie
    6. Internal timber frame walls are skew nailed to the timber top plate and timber batten which has been Ramset into the concrete slab
    7. Exteriors can be clad with most exterior cladding
    8. Cornerstone makes Curves or Angles easy
    9. Interiors are usually clad in conventional plasterboard
      EPS fact sheets:

  • Fire behavior
  • EPS and the environment
  • Packaging for NZ conditions
  • Properties and processing
  • EPS as thermal insulation